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Angela O'Brian

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The O'Brian Realty Group at LaRocque & Co., Realtors are a dedicated team of Real Estate professionals focused on your home ownership needs in Florida's Space Coast.  A cumulative 50 years experience in sales, management, development, and finance make the O'Brian Realty Group at LaRocque & Co., Realtors your number one choice for Real Estate matters.  We are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in the buying and selling of homes and land in Brevard County.  Leveraging industry technologies, we also work with out-of-town and property investment clients conducting virtual showings to ensure you don't miss an opportunity in our fast paced market.  LaRocque & Co., Realtors will manage those properties for you as well, making the turnkey revenue producing process even easier.

As a military veteran family we understand the needs of active duty, reserve, and veteran clients when exploring the use of VA financing.  We also have a solid group of preferred lenders to help you get pre-approved and funded quickly.  Utilizing conventional, FHA, VA, Hero loans, and bond program financing vehicles, our lenders are very successful in helping client’s dreams of home ownership come true. 

We look forward to working with you, hearing your needs, and executing the best plan to meet your individual goals.

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