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Jay and Janae Cline are licensed Real Estate agents at LaRocque & Company Realtors. Janae is a lifetime resident of the state of Florida and Brevard County since 1997. Jay found his way to Florida by way of Atlantic City in 1995, settling in Brevard County in 2004. Together they have 47 years of experience providing exceptional customer service. Each starting out in the casino industry; their knowledge of problem solving, customer relations and perseverance provided an excellent background for making the move to Real Estate.

Together they have raised 4 children in Brevard county, and feel there is no better place to safely enjoy family life. They have first hand knowledge of local schools and neighborhoods. Your children will enjoy exploring the area, surfing, and so much more.

Janae volunteers countless hours in the community, sharing her efforts with Brevard County Schools, Boy Scouts of America and her Church; where she coordinates the efforts of their woman’s group to provide services to the local area. Being involved with these organizations makes Janae acutely aware of the needs and desires of the residents of Brevard County and help her find the perfect fit for each client with whom she works.

Jay’s dedication to his work complements Janae’s community support and together they create a great balance of driven business ethics, while maintaining the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that draws most people to live in the Space Coast area. Jay’s main passions in life outside of Real Estate are his great love of family, football & fishing the local waters of Brevard County. If your looking to compare fish stories, come prepared with photo evidence!

Jay and Janae Cline put their experience and team work together to create a wonderful experience for every client.

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