Pamela Meyer
Realtor / Property Manager

It’s amazing to me how a small fraction of a second can change your life…

A simple photo, seeing a home for the first time, submitting an initial offer.  I’m here to make that happen for you.  Join me on that Journey.
I have been in Brevard County since 1973.  I have raised my family here. I have seen the growth and expansion of every community since my arrival to Florida.  I am a transplant from Maryland.  I have worked within the community and supported numerous youth and adult functions.  
From my years of experience as a Realtor, I bring an expanse amount of knowledge, along with my Team here at LaRocque and Company Realtors.  I have an additional network of members/vendors as part of my team, to help me assist you in fine tuning your journey and continue on to our finalization of a successful closing.
My goal is to make sure that your transaction is successful and your experience is to be so great that you will continue to recommend me to your family and friends.

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